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4,  2014​

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My little part of Claim to Fame.  I was honored with a spot in the Spring 2014 Issue of The Wedding Planner Magazine.  Just a truly special moment in my business life and in my personal life.  I have every intention of reaching this status again in the Winter of 2015 edition.  I'm aiming high!!  You should join the opportunities by being one of my wonderful, amazing couples.

When I decided to take on Wedding Coordinating and Event Planning, I figured the best way to do that was to show off my own wedding.  I kept things simple, I did most of the decorating myself, and I employed "new" vendors.  I had a vintage living room (sadly it was my own furniture...LOL) instead of the standard photo on

I am a talented Wedding Coordinator. I had been working as a counsellor for 20 years.  Working with people is just what I was meant to do and what I enjoy.  I have many years of public speaking, of giving back to the community as a Board Member, education in classes, organizing workshops, and so much more